Dear Bronco Football Family,

We are excited to be ushering in a new season of Bronco Football. Your sons are part of a long and honorable tradition; the grandfather* of one and fathers** of at least four players on this year’s team played for the Broncos back in the day!

Attached to this email is the Bronco Football 2017 Handbook, your answer to all questions and matters related to the upcoming season. Please take a good look.

A few bullet points as we get started —

  • The white and green physical health forms must be submitted to the school nurses’ office before Doubles start on August 14th or your son cannot participate. The forms can be found on the school website.
  • As you know, Captains’ practice starts on Monday, August 7th and will run through the week, Monday to Friday. Start time is 11am and practice will run until 2 or 3pm. Players should meet at the field and bring along cleats, plenty of water and $10 to cover the week’s work outs ($10 total, not per day) at Active Fitness in Mt Vernon. Players with licenses and cars available to them will drive teammates the short distance to Active. One day during this week will be devoted to community service. Village Hall is helping us identify a project demanding the strength and good will of 40 plus football players. Stay tuned.
  • Doubles – twice a day practices – with Coach Patsy Manganelli and his staff begin on Monday, August 14th and run Monday thru Saturday for two weeks. Start time is 7 or 8am until 3 or 4pm (practice on Saturday the 19 th may be shorter). Players will need to stay on campus for lunch at least during the first week and should plan to bring food with them. Again, hydration is key. Stainless steel canisters may work best since plastics have a tendency to leach, especially in heat.
  • On the second Saturday of Doubles, August 26th, a 2pm scrimmage is scheduled with Nanuet and Dobbs Ferry at Bronxville, followed by a team BBQ for parents and players at the field. Coach Manganelli will have a short meeting with parents just after the scrimmage that afternoon. First game is the following Saturday, September 2nd. School starts on the 6th.
  • As detailed in the Handbook, Lisa Sargent will be collecting a donation toward team expenses from each family. Ideally, we’d like to have those funds in hand by September 1st.
  • Lisa is also developer & manager of the new Bronco football page on the school’s athletic website — once it’s up & running, it’ll be your on-line source for Bronco Football.
  • Players will also be fundraising for their team during pre-season. Coach Manganelli has introduced us to a program called the Gold Card which involves local businesses. It’s not too time consuming but is quite a money-maker in Coach Manganelli’s experience. It will help defray expenses going forward and what’s more, it’ll be over and done with by the end of pre-season.
  • Loulie James has already been in touch with senior parents as they traditionally host the weekly pre-game team dinners. She has also assigned drink and away-game snack duties to other families. Please see the handbook for assignments. There are lots of other important ways to donate your time and talents to the team as outlined in the handbook. Please be in touch with Loulie to volunteer. You are needed!
  • Captains will stay in touch with players throughout the season through the team Facebook page. If your son is not on FB, please make sure they let one of the captains know to make sure team updates are getting to them. Coach Manganelli wants to utilize an app that’ll make communication between coaches, players, and parents super easy. He’s investigating options so stay tuned.
  • One editorial note — please encourage your sons to resist all opportunities to get in trouble this fall. The three of us together have quite a long history with Bronco football and we’ve witnessed the dire consequences of breaking the rules on several different occasions. It ain’t worth it. Regret is an awful thing. Our school administration now takes any infringement of the rules very seriously; they are likely to find out and they will punish, they will suspend, they will keep our players off the field and worse if they feel it’s warranted. As Andy Formato, father of Bronco wide receiver Kevin, says, lets keep the drama on the field in 2017. Coach Manganelli and Karen Peterson will be talking to the boys about the school’s Code of Conduct during pre-season.

Loulie, Lisa and I are thrilled to support you and your player and their teammates this year. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us about anything.

Loulie James
914-346- 4382
Lisa Sargent
917-856- 8198
Jan von Mehren
914-519- 8914

Bob McGrath*
Mark Connors**
Andy Formato
Buzz McGrath
Alvaro Saralegui