Football Families:
So…some of us watched #68 Jack Baxter limp off the field during that incredible 4th quarter on Saturday, figuring he’d reinjured his leg after the scrimmage injury. True, but as it turns out, he was also held in the hospital for the night and most of the next day while he was monitored for concussion. He undoubtedly earns our Hero of the Week – Sacrifice for the Team Award.  Angie and Mike, we hope & trust he’s getting better fast.

There are, in fact, several players in various stages of recovery from either injury or illness and our hats are off to all of them. They’ve all got guts, patience (maybe not:), as well as pride, sacrifice, & desire.

The Broncos play AWAY this week at Hastings High School, about a 15-20 minute drive from Bronxville, barring traffic trouble. Game time is 1:30 pm, Saturday, Sept 16th.

Team dinner the night before, Friday, Sept 15th at 6:30pm is at Susan & Patrick O’Brien’s home @ 5 Courseview Road. The Meehan and Daskalakis families are co-hosting. Thanks so much to all. They hope to dine outside so your player may want to dress accordingly. Jacket and tie for first years as ever.

The Grealy family is on hydration duty for game day. Many thanks to them.

Post-game pizza and wings on Saturday at 6:30pm for the players back at the O’Brien’s (5 Courseview).  The Parent Party starts at the same time and place, and please do bring along a beverage and/or small dish of favorite food if you’re able. Again we’ll be outside unless it’s pouring rain.

Thank you to the Sargent and Formato families for a wonderful “Walters” team dinner for players and their coaches last Friday. The parent party the next evening in the Sargent’s back yard garden was terrific in every way — great bonding time for the ‘rents.

Thanks also to game photographers Bob McCann and Buzz McGrath …

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Finally, please be in touch with questions or comments — anything at all about Bronco Football.

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